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Gabon Olympic Committee Produces Motivational Video

Gabon Olympic Committee Produces Motivational Video
Gabon's Wilfried Bingangoye, center, runs 100 meters at the Beijing Olympics. Photo: USA Today

The Gabon Olympic Committee (COG) has produced a film to help inspire those with a disability to take up sport.

The 25-minute piece is on the theme “sport can help youngsters and adolescents to move past a trauma.”

It argues that those who have a disability or suffer a trauma can bounce back in a positive fashion by taking up sport.

The film was broadcast on four TV channels in the African country, allowing it to be viewed across the nation.

It has also been uploaded online on YouTube.

Gabon sent a team of six athletes to August’s Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Sprinters Wilfried Bingangoye and Ruddy Zang Milama competed in the men’s and women’s 100 meters respectively in the Brazilian city.

Two judokas also competed, Paul Kibikai and Sarah Myriam Mazouz.

Swimmer Maël Ambonguilat represented Gabon in the pool and Anthony Obame participated in the taekwondo tournament.

Obame is notable as Gabon’s only Olympic medallist to date.

He won over-80 kilograms silver at London 2012.

By Dan Palmer

Republished with permission from insidethegames.biz


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