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Saga Continues for ‘Big Baller Brand’

Saga Continues for ‘Big Baller Brand’
Mar 4, 2017; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Lavar Ball, father of UCLA Bruins guard Lonzo Ball (2), looks on in the stands before the game between the UCLA Bruins and the Washington State Cougars at Pauley Pavilion. Photo: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

What is it that LaVar Ball is missing when it comes to his son and the brand he created finding a partner for endorsements? His son has not played one second in an NBA game and he feels he can hoodwink the three major shoe companies that have endorsed the likes of Michael Jordan, LeBron James, James Harden, Stephen Curry and so on, to be a partner with him and his brand. I doubt that this will ever happen Mr. Ball. There are only a handful of players that have ever signed lucrative shoe deals. At one point he was saying it would take a billion dollars for his son to sign a show deal with any company. Now you want to partner with them?

LaVar Ball has created a brand called the Big Baller Brand. He feels since he has three sons that are decent basketball players that shoe companies should be lining up to co-partner with him and create an endorsement deal. If you have followed the news over the past two months LaVar Ball has done everything he can to ruin his sons’ chances of having much success as they move forward.

UCLA’s talented freshman Lonzo Ball. Photo: AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli

Mr. Ball should do his oldest son a favor and leave well enough alone. I know in most cases in the recruiting wars of college basketball, coaches shy away from players that have parents that are boisterous and obnoxious. The parents that act like Mr. Ball usually learn very quickly that they should step back and allow their son to handle their own business as they grow older. At what point will his son(s) cut ties with him and decide he is more of a liability than an asset? One would think an NBA team would have discussions with Mr. Ball about his antics if they plan to draft his son. Why an organization would want to have to babysit him is beyond me.

I hope for his son’s sake Mr. Ball will take a step back and realize how he is hindering them all. Their futures could come to a screeching halt if he continues to be their spokesperson in the future. Maybe the sons are used to the way he has handled things up to this point and think it will be aloud as they move forward, but I would venture to say it will come to a stop at the professional level. The last thing an organization wants is undue publicity for their organization.

By Dr. Bret Simmermacher

Dr. Simmermacher is the Chair of Sports Coaching at the United States Sports Academy, and can be reached at bsimmer@ussa.edu


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