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Sweden Considering 2026 Winter Olympics Bid

Sweden Considering 2026 Winter Olympics Bid
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With the Olympic Agenda 2020 declared fully in line with the city’s ambitions for social, financial, environmental and democratic sustainability, the Swedish capital of Stockholm claims good prospects of hosting a modern combined Winter Olympics and Paralympics in 2026.

“We will now study the investigation and develop the concept in all aspects to a bid that can make Stockholm the winner in the race for the Winter Games in 2026,” Hans Vestberg, chairman of the Swedish Olympic Committee, said after Mayor Karin Wanngård presented the results of an investigation conducted by the city.

“The investigation shows that Stockholm, together with the co-hosting municipalities, has a good opportunity to create a forward-looking Winter Olympics with a focus on uniting sporting and public events of the highest quality with a clear sustainability perspective,” Wanngård said.

“Stockholm has good capacity when it comes to infrastructure and modern winter sports facilities. The investments required relate to sports where there is demand and a high interest in exercise, such as ice skating halls and cross-country skiing facilities. A Paralympics event would also provide opportunities to enhance accessibility at the City’s sports facilities. This would make the investments a natural element of a long- term sporting and public health strategy,” the Swedish Olympic Committee said in a press release.

The news release lists some facts about the investigation into Stockholm’s prospects of hosting the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in 2026:

  • Olympic Agenda 2020 includes more focus on social, financial and environmental sustainability as well as increased support for the host city from the IOC.
  • The Paralympics take place over ten days, provisionally in March 2026, and consist of 20 disciplines in seven sports.
  • The implementation budget totals around SEK 13.6 billion, of which the International Olympic Committee contributes SEK 6.7 billion.
  • The proposal is based on two thirds of the facilities already being in place and the City of Stockholm investing approximately SEK 2.5 billion in new sports facilities.
  • The new facilities that are built are expected to have a high legacy value for the region’s inhabitants.

The proposal is based on approximately 80 percent of the competitions taking place in Stockholm. All Alpine disciplines with a drop height of 110 meters or more being held in Åre and the competitions in ski-jumping and Nordic combined being held in Falun.

This story first appeared in the blog, The Sport Intern. The editor is Karl-Heinz Huba of Lorsch, Germany. He can be reached at ISMG@aol.com. The article is reprinted here with permission of Huba. 


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