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Top 10 College Mascots, No. 1-5

Top 10 College Mascots, No. 1-5
Florida State mascot Chief Osceola. Photo: By http://gallery.mac.com/marchingchiefs via Wikimedia Commons

Last week we ranked the top 6 – 10 college mascots nationwide. These rankings were a compilation of different fan surveys and expert polls with my own take and opinion included.

It’s pretty obvious that college football fans take great pride in their school’s, teams, and mascots. It’s very intriguing to read about all the different mascot representations from around the country in top institutions as well as smaller colleges and universities. That is why I have included a link to an extensive list of mascots across the nation. Although not entirely comprehensive, it is still a fun read. This week we count down the #1 – 5 of the top ten college mascots as compiled from fan votes and extramural rankings.

Let’s finish what we started!

Wikipedia list of college mascots in the United States

#5. Puddles, Oregon: The genesis of this mascot came about from Oregon’s initial team name the “Webfoots.” It wasn’t until 1926 that the name Puddles was ascribed to the live duck that was paraded around campus before games. In 1947 an agreement was reached between OU and Disney that allowed for the school to use likenesses of Donald duck and that name stuck around for a number of years. At this point it seems that there are fans that call the mascot Donald or Puddles however, if you ask rabid Oregon fans the name they will simply refer to him as “The Duck.”

University of Oregon mascot Puddles. Photo: By John Martinez Pavliga - via Wikimedia Commons
University of Oregon mascot Puddles. Photo: By John Martinez Pavliga – via Wikimedia Commons

#4. Bevo, Texas: This one of my favorite mascots mainly due to the impressive set horns seen on this Texas Longhorn steer. The idea of have a Longhorn as the school’s mascot originated in 1916 and the first steer was named Bo. No one is certain of why the name was changed to Bevo but many think it is a representation of beef-o. The current Longhorn is Bevo XV and comes from the Sunrise ranch in Liberty Hill, TX where the Betty and John Baker have produced a number of other Bevos. Hook em horns!!

#3. Mike the Tiger, Louisiana State: Mike the Tiger (VI) recently got quite a bit of press not only for making this list but sadly for passing away from cancer on October 11 of this year. I’m sure it was a sad day in Baton Rouge but the legacy continues. LSU is currently in the process of finding Mike VII and are hoping a sanctuary will be interested in donating a new Bengal tiger to the school. I wish them luck……..just not on the football field!!

#2. Uga, Georgia: I would be remiss if I didn’t admit to a bit of bias at this point. Being a UGA alum it is easy to sing the praises of our beloved Uga (Uh-guh). Uga X is now stalking the sidelines and hoping to outdo is previous relative Uga VI for the most wins during his tenure. Uga was introduced in 1956 by the Seiler family from Savannah Georgia and they have been providing Ugas ever since. Who let the dawgs out???

#1. Chief Osceola, Florida State: Finally at number 1 in our countdown is the Chief from FSU along with his faithful steed Renegade. This amazing mascot paired was introduced in 1978 and has the full approval from the Seminole tribe all the way down to his outfit and flaming spear. Along with the Chief and Renegade, the fans have adopted “the chop” that represents defeating an opponent. As with most anything in the current climate, there are those that view utilizing these types of symbols as controversial and some form of “appropriation”. Regardless of all that, any true fan would agree that seeing Chief Osceola and Renegade galloping out to midfield and skewering the logo with a flaming spear is truly a sight to behold!!

By Dr. Vincent K. Ramsey

Dr. Vincent K. Ramsey, is the Chair of Sports Exercise Science at the United States Sports Academy, and can be reached at vramsey@ussa.edu.


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