Rome 2024 and CONI officials had been desperate to change her mind but she yesterday stressed that she wanted Rome “to escape the big events that bring money and debts” while describing the Olympics as a “dream turning into a nightmare.”

A Rome 2024 statement accused the Mayor of not having the courage to “take on the responsibility of their future” while Malagò said the chance to “change a lot of things” had been missed.

This will mark the second occasion on which Rome has filed an application to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games, only to withdraw the bid.

In February 2012, Italy’s then Prime Minister Mario Monti called an end to a bid for the 2020 Games, citing “uncertain costs and unknown financial benefit” at the peak of the financial crisis.

His decision was announced a day before the deadline for bidding cities to submit their application files, with Tokyo eventually awarded the Games.

A motion on the 2024 candidacy has also been prepared by the M5S.

“Following an in-depth analysis, we believe the conditions for the ongoing candidacy of the City of Rome for the 2024 Olympics and Paralympics are not there,” it read.

The motion, now due to be debated at Rome City Hall, listed cities around the world that have withdrawn bids to host the Olympics in the past, including Boston and Hamburg which were both in the frame for 2024.

By Dan Palmer