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The Heart of Champions and a strong will to win


There are many of us that follow all aspects of sport and the stories that are untold.  Well I’m here to tell the story of a University College Cork team relay runner that came from a tremendous deficit to prevail and win the 4 X 400 relay race at the Irish Universities Athletics Association Championships.

The story goes that at the start of the 4 X 400 race at the Irish Universities Athletics Champions her University College Cork team immediately fell behind and on the final lap of the relay, after receiving the baton, she “Phil Healy was not even visible or part of the conversation until her amazing comeback started to unfold right before the commentator’s eyes.

The amazing feat and determination has to be seen and thanks to YouTube Phil Healy’s agony of defeat can be seen and is termed exactly as it happened and unfolded.  This Track Comeback, “From the Depths of Hell,” Tops “Em All”

Congratulations to Phil Haley for never giving up on her teammates from University College Cork, nor on her desire to give it her all and compete from start to finish and in doing so she was able to demonstrate that in never giving up there is always an opportunity to come back and win cause it’s never over till the end. All kinds of sport clichés come to mind but the one that sticks out the most is “Never say never”.
Fred Cromartie, Ed. D.
Dr. Cromartie is the Director of Doctoral Studies at the United States Sports Academy.


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