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Worth Staying up Late For!


The Golden State Warriors are 55 – 5! Think about that for a minute; 55 – 5 doesn’t even seem possible in today’s NBA. Their current winning percentage of .916 translates to a final record of 75 – 7, easily surpassing the 95 – 96 Chicago Bulls’ record of 72 – 10. Last night’s 121 – 106 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder did not end until just before midnight here in the Central Time Zone and I hit the snooze button three times this morning because I stayed up to watch the game. IT WAS WORTH STAYING UP FOR!!

The win was also their 44th consecutive win at home, tying the all-time record set by those same 95 – 96 Bulls. The last time they lost a game in Oracle Arena was in January 2015, 113 – 111 in overtime to . . . you guessed it, the Bulls. This is a truly historic run for the Warriors and with 15 of their final 22 games at home, there are plenty of late nights in our future. My recommendation is to stay up and watch every chance you get because we may never see anything like this again. Unless of course, they sign Kevin Durant as a free agent and are 60 and 0 this time next year.

Dr. Stephen L. Butler is the Dean of Academic Affairs at the United States Sports Academy and hosts the Academy’s weekly Sports Talk program. He can be reached at sbutler@ussa.edu 


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