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Make money in sports without breaking a sweat is a book about sport business published in 2013 by Frank Cuzzi.  The book teaches four simple concepts including responsibility, accountability, self-reliance, and integrity.   The book also teaches relevant sport content which includes knowledge, thinking, awareness, inspiration, practicality, persistence, visualization, and discipline.  There are 14 chapters and 5 appendices in the book.

The key ideas that stand out from the book Make money in sports without breaking a sweat that could be taught in a sport management class include the information about 430,000 total athletes in college (NCAA = 380,000, NJCAA = 50,000) at 300 colleges that have degrees in sports management up from five colleges in 1980’s with 3,000 colleges that total around 8 million students. “Content is King!” and “Act local and think global.”  Sports and music are the common factor in 200 countries around the world!  Key sports definitions to remember include target audience and sports marketing.  Also, the idea that sports reflect society and sports is competition!  Sports = fitness = wellness = fewer doctors = fewer doctor bills = longer life.  Sports = the players / game = the content = the electronic signal = revenue.  Sports = content, reflect society, change is constant, depends on competition, and require an autograph.  Other key topics covered include: 1 sports content 2 sports management 3 sports personnel 4 sports marketing 5 sports media 6 sports sales 7 stadium ownership 8 the electronic signal and 9 the future.  The book emphasizes that careers lead to jobs which lead to vocations.  You are more valuable after you do an internship!

Finally, the book examines professional franchise jobs, internet sports careers where sports have thrived, keys to being a good sports leader, do what you love and keep a smile!  Overall, a good sports management book which is 107 pages on the topic of making money in sports.  The book is brief, but has some good ideas and would make a good reference or recommended text for a sports management class.


Cuzzi, F.  (2013). Make $$ in sports without breaking a sweat!  Charleston, SC: Corner Kick International, Inc.

Dr.  Michael Fredrick PhD is the Chair of Sport Studies at USSA. He can be reached at  mfredrick@ussa.edu


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