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Sports have long been associated with data collection and statistical analysis of data generated; the data gathered is used in a variety ways to make decisions.  The gathering and collection of data has evolved and changed over the years due to enormous amounts of information generated and collected in all of sport.  The analysis and interpretation of data is performed in a number of different ways because each sport, team, league and individual have different wants and needs for the data collected and analyzed.

The use of analytics in sports is based on the fact that it takes place routinely, there is a multitude of statistical data generated, there are the fans and players for which this data pertains and is important in decision making.  Good decision making is critically tied to the efficient use of data in making cost effective efficient decisions. Good efficient decision making is critical.

The evidence is clear that the there is continued growth for all sport sectors to gather and analysis data for the improvement of performance, game experience, broadcasting and all things associated with sport.

The use of data and analysis has trickled down to the general public as we now have available many applications and products to assist athletes, teams, leagues and just about anyone that wants to monitor and improve performance for their favorite player, team or themselves.

Data collection and the analysis of data is here, used in all areas of sport by users and consumers of sport.  Without question continued development of devises and applications will occur because of our desire to have immediate availability of data collected and analyzed for monitoring and improvement.

Dr. Fred J. Cromartie, is the Director of Doctoral Studies at the United States Sports Academy, and can be reached at cromarti@ussa.edu.


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