Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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Cleveland Browns Need to Stick with Johnny Manziel as Starting QB

Johnny Manziel isn't giving the Cleveland Browns much choice. Even when Josh McCown is cleared to return from the concussion that sidelined him Sunday, the Browns have to stick...

Tom Brady’s Cover-up Worse Than Crime

Tom Brady destroyed his credibility along with his cell phone. Might have put a few dents in his legacy, too. For months, everyone has been snickering...

There’s Dumb luck, and then There’s Just Dumb

The NFL might want to consider adding a new session to its rookie symposium about how to read a standard player contract, that section...

World Cup Doesn’t Really Begin Until Knockout Rounds

All is forgiven, all is forgotten. That first-place finish in the Group of Death? Irrelevant now. All those goals Germany scored, including that 10-spot against Ivory...
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