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Armour: Alabama Players’ Title Expectations are as Demanding as Saban’s

ATLANTA — The national titles are impressive, of course. Four of them, including three in the last five years. A better measure of Nick Saban’s...

Armour: Get Excited for the Participation Trophy Award Bowl

In the bad old days before the College Football Playoff, one of the loudest arguments against it was that it would kill the bowl...

Academy’s College Football Game of the Week Award Heads into Bowl Season

As the 2016-17 college football campaign heads into its final stretch with bowl games and the College Football Playoff on the horizon, the United...

Washington’s Inclusion Sets a Dangerous Precedent

The field has finally been set for the third season in the College Football Playoff era. There were no real surprises in the top...

Armour: Let’s Root for Navy to Wreak Havoc on Bowl Schedule

The team looming largest over college football right now is not Wisconsin, Penn State, Washington or even Alabama. It’s Navy. I know, I know. What’s so...

College Football Playoff Rankings – Conference Championship Edition

We have reached conference championship week in college football. For the first time in the College Football Playoff era, there are teams in contention...

College Football Playoff Rankings – Week 3

For this week’s College Football Playoff rankings review, let’s take a closer look at the status of each major conference and how things could...

College Football Playoff Rankings – Week 2 Thoughts and Predictions

Wisconsin controls its destiny – The Badgers sit at No. 7 in the new College Football Playoff rankings. They are the highest ranked team...

Will There be Enough Teams With Six Wins for Bowl Season?

College football is entering week 10 of the season, and the College Football Playoff selection committee released its first rankings earlier this week and...

College Football Playoff Rankings Thoughts and Predictions

The first College Football Playoff rankings were revealed Tuesday. With them, a slew of sports junkies have given their opinions on what they like...
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