Thursday, June 8, 2023
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Nick Butler: Budapest, Los Angeles and Paris Offer Contrasting Olympic Visions in Race That...

After simmering along gently over the last 12 months, the race for the 2024 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games is beginning to boil up. Sport...

Paris 2024 Bid Inspired by ‘Olympic Values’

“The presentation of Paris 2024 is about a bid inspired by Olympic values, led by sport and athletes and powered by the collective energy...

Paris 2024 Officials, Mayor Say La Parisienne Race Shows City’s Commitment to Diversity

“Through this race, the citizens of the city also celebrate gender equality, diversity, sharing, openness and friendliness – values that are inherent to our...

Bach Calls Paris Candidacy for Olympics “Really Unified”

“We feel that the Paris candidature is really unified,” said Thomas Bach and Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo was delighted to meet the IOC President “to...
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