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Ask An Alum: Clayton Hamilton

Ask An Alum: Clayton Hamilton

By Dr. Brandon Spradley and Taylor Rogers |

Clayton Hamilton, an alumnus of the United States Sports Academy has worked within the University of Arkansas athletic department since 2010 and currently serves as the Deputy Athletic Director and Chief Financial Officer.

A native of Little Rock, Ark., Clayton earned his master’s degree in sports management from the United States Sports Academy in 1997. He said the university’s mentorship program and faculty support system played valuable roles in helping him climb the ranks in collegiate athletics and the sport profession.

At Arkansas, Clayton has oversight of the athletics department’s financial affairs, internal support units, business operations, contracts, human resources, payroll, and more. He previously served in financial roles for athletic programs at the University of Colorado and Florida State University, and in professional sports for the Dallas Cowboys and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Clayton was recently interview by Taylor Rogers, Director of Admissions and Assistant Athletic Director at the United States Sports Academy. The interview is part of USSA’s Ask an Alum career webinar series. Clayton talks about his journey in athletics and provides helpful advice to students on how to successfully navigate a career in sport.

If you are interested in working in collegiate athletics and the sport industry, take a listen to the interview below.


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