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WADA Publishes Five-Year Strategic Plan

WADA Publishes Five-Year Strategic Plan
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By Michael Pavitt |

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has published its five-year strategic plan titled “Leading Anti-Doping Into A New Era”.

The plan was approved by WADA’s Executive Committee in a virtual meeting on May 15, with unanimous approval following from the Foundation Board.

WADA said the development of the plan began in May last year, with a commitment to receiving feedback from athletes, representatives from the sports movement and Government, industry influencers, National Anti-Doping Organizations and WADA-accredited laboratories.

A number of areas were reportedly identified for WADA to improve or place greater focus on.

The organization says it has agreed six strategic priorities for the five years of the plan, including leading by example by taking “bold steps to proactively tackle emerging issues with agility and innovative solutions across all facets of anti-doping”.

Increasing the impact of WADA was also identified, with the aim of expanding the reach and effectiveness of anti-doping programs by enhancing capacity building and knowledge sharing between Anti-Doping Organisations and empowering local program delivery.

Efforts to engage and empower athletes to contribute to the development of anti-doping policies was cited as part of WADA’s aim to be athlete centered.

Building an easier anti-doping journey for athletes, and increasing the contribution that programs deliver for athletes and their entourage so that they can build healthy and sustainable careers in sport, were included as part of this aim.

WADA has also targeted engaging and collaborating with everyone involved in anti-doping, in particular with the sports movement and public authorities, to increase support, unity and coherence in everyone’s efforts.

Raising awareness and shaping a proactive narrative around the organization’s role and the positive impacts of doping free sport, as well as providing greater value for stakeholders by reducing operational complexities and maximizing impact and cost-effectiveness, is also a target.

“WADA is now in a completely different place than it was a few years ago thanks to the governance reform that the agency initiated and to the strengthening of its compliance monitoring activities,” said Witold Bańka, WADA President.

“While stakeholders recognize these achievements, there is consensus that WADA must go further to build bridges and unite efforts to protect athletes and the integrity of sports globally, and that the agency’s resources are not reflecting the magnitude of the challenges that we face.

“The strategic priorities laid out in the strategic plan have been defined with athletes at the centre and will shape the transformational journey that WADA will take over the next five years.

“Day in, day out, the agency will continue to collaborate with athletes and all our partners worldwide to strengthen the world anti-doping program.

“I am very committed to this plan; most notably, to engaging and empowering athletes in developing clean sport; to building anti-doping capacity and community worldwide, and, to securing the additional funding that is required to deliver on leading anti-doping in a new era.

“I am confident that, with stakeholder collaboration and unity, we will succeed.”

The strategic plan also includes key initiatives WADA will pursue to achieve the priorities outlined.

A series of impact indicators have also been included to show how WADA will measure their performance against its aims.

The full strategic plan can be read here.

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