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Has sports become so important in the United States that it trumps a Presidential Debate? In the view of one candidate it has. Donald Trump is suggesting that the people who are behind the Presidential Debates reschedule the events. Why? Because two of the debates will go up against NFL games on September 26, a Monday night and on October 9, a Sunday night. The last scheduled debate is set for October 19, a Wednesday where it most likely will take place against a Major League Baseball playoff game. The Vice Presidential debate is slated for October 4, a Tuesday night and that might be also feature a baseball wild card game. In other words, no matter what the complaint by the Trump camp, there is a likelihood of a major sporting event taking place. It is football season. It is the baseball championship playoff season.

The people who put together the dates and logistics scheduled these debates 11 months ago before the primary voting season started. But even if the Commission on Presidential Debates could reschedule the forums at this late date, just where would the debates go. What days? If Trump is annoyed that the debates coincide with any sort of football, there is a problem with high school football on Friday nights which is a huge deal. The weekends are not good as college football takes the Saturday night stage, Sunday night is the NFL as is Monday Night. Thursday night is another NFL and college football night. That leaves just Tuesday and Wednesday with no football. But wait, on October 5, there is a college football game scheduled. There is a college football game on October 12 too. Two Wednesdays. The baseball playoffs go throughout October with night games. Also, add hockey, basketball and soccer to the mix. Sports never takes time off, something Donald Trump who was once involved in sports really knows.

By Evan Weiner for The Politics of Sports Business.

This article was republished with permission from the original publisher, Evan Weiner.


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