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INSIDE THE RINGS: IOC President Thomas Bach donned his fencing uniform and addressed young athletes


IOC President Thomas Bach donned his fencing uniform one more time today, at the “Olympic Patrol” master class, organised by the Russian Olympic Committee at the Moscow Palace of the Pioneers.. Dr. Bach told the audience that, “through sport, you can become a great athlete, and you can do a lot to create your own personality, selfconfidence and stand on your own feet.” He also also talked about the Olympic Winter Games Sochi 2014, praising the great warmth of the Russian people and the hospitality they showed to the world. Joining the IOC President were eight-time cross country skiing gold medallist Bjørn Dæhlie, five-time Olympic synchronised swimming champion Anastasia Davydova and four-time Olympic gymnastics champion Alexei Nemov.“Olympic Patrol” is a sports education project intended to promote the Olympic Movement and Olympic values, and to develop sport among children and teenagers in Russia.

Addressing a group of very young athletes, the IOC President said: “I liked playing football on the street but my parents sent me to fencing which I took up at the age of 6. -That is how I found out about Olympism. It is what makes the Olympic Games and Olympians different from other sports and other athletes. – Many years of intensive training and always dreamed of becoming an Olympic Champion. Dedication – never giving up. – I got familiar with the Olympic Games by watching TV and by playing sports myself. “Winning the gold medal in Montreal was the result of all this hard work and dedication. – It was special because we won gold as a team. I always like team sports a lot because it adds an extra flavour to sports. – Sport for me joy and education. I learned in sport fair play, to respect others, to accept rules and I learned how to work with others in a team. But I enjoyed it too.- And I got the taste of winning. The first victory on the planch, the first medal when winning a tournament, the first national title and becoming an Olympic Champion where very emotional. – “The field of play was a great classroom for my life.”

Reprinted by Courtesy of sport intern, the international inside World sports news letter.


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