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Ex-head teacher bids to boost sport in primary schools


A former primary school head teacher has set herself a mission to keep the Olympic legacy alive by encouraging pupils to enjoy a sporty lifestyle.

Holly Barrett left her position as head teacher at Fishtoft Academy in Boston after helping all the pupils in year six gain a level four in math and both reading and writing. This was the best score in area. However Holly has now set herself the task of going into primary schools to help teachers deliver PE lessons to their students.

She believes that one of the reasons why she has chosen to do this is because a lot of schools tend to struggle with assessment in PE lessons and that having the enhanced sporting knowledge to inspire pupils is vital.

Holly used to be a coach herself and she said: “The role I want to take on is going into schools and giving the teachers the confidence to deliver it well. There’s always priorities in schools – English and math are always going to be number one. All the other subjects need to be as important.”

“Sport is vital to help tackle the serious problems of obesity. It is important to make PE lessons fun and teach children sports and games they can go and replicate outside of school with friends and family. I’ve carried on from being inspired by the Olympics too.” She added.

This article was republished with permission from the original author, Mr. Matthew Thoma, and the original publisher, Teachers who Coach. 



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