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FIFA World Cup: Record-breaking audiences all over the world


According to Jacques Braun, Vice President of Eurodata TV Worldwide : “The 2014 FIFA
World Cup ended on a climax with the German victory in the epic continental confrontation between
Europe and Latin America. The elimination of Brazil was a shock for football fans across the world, but
has allowed channels to reach new heights in terms of audiences”.

Right from the very first round, audience records have been broken all over Europe where the
games were mainly aired between 5pm and 9pm (GMT Time), which is the peak viewing time of the
day. In the Netherlands, for example, the semi-final in which the Dutch lost against Argentina achieved
the all-time highest audience (all genres) with more than 9 million viewers on the channel Nederland 1
for a 89.3% market share. The country’s previous record goes to the 2010 World Cup Final Netherlands
versus Spain (8.5 million).

As well as racking up the goals and victories, Germany has broken two historical records in a
row. Firstly, the incredible semi-final (7-1 victory for Germany) was followed by more than 32.6 million
fans and an 87.8% market share on ZDF, beating the previous 2010 semi-final record against Spain.
The peak audience came between 22:30 and 22:45, the 15 minutes following the fifth German goal with
33.7 million individuals over 3 years old watching.

This record was then beaten by the final against Argentine, no surprises there. The match, 1-0
to Germany, gathered more than 34.7 million viewers on ARD for a market share of 86.3%. A final that
also appealed the female audience in their masses, with a 82.2% market share on the target Women
over 14 years old.

With these two performances, the semi-final and the final represent the two highest TV audiences of all time in Germany.

In France, TF1 achieved audience records on the timeslot during which the matches were aired.
The game between France and Ecuador (aired at 10pm French time) and the France versus Germany
quarter-final (aired at 6pm French time) both broke ratings records for their timeslots, gathering 14.6
million and 16.9 million viewers respectively. The latter’s audience record, as well as the audience for
the Switzerland-France 2-5 match, class themselves among the 20 highest audiences since 1989, no
audiences having achieved this since the 2007 Rugby World Cup.

In Spain and Italy, even if their national teams were unable to qualify for the second round, the
audiences have once again soared with more than 16 million Italians following the match between Italy
and Uruguay on Rai 1 (67.8% market share), and 13.2 million Spanish fans on Telecinco for the match
between Spain and Chile (67.6% market share), the audience result rubbing shoulders with the World
Cup record for the 2010 final against the Netherlands (13.4 millions).

The 2014 FIFA World Cup has also achieved great performances across the continents China, the final was aired simultaneously on CCTV-5 and CCTV-1 as well as other regional channelsand cumulated 30.1 million viewers audience for a 78% market share, despite the match being shownat 3:00 am. In Japan, the first match between Japan and the Ivory Coast gathered more than 10.8million fans for a 77.9% market share on NHK 1 in the Kanto region), where the match was airedbetween 10 am and midday.

All of these results will be published in the 2014 edition of the Yearly Sport Key Facts report,
for all the essential data and analyses covering the major events of the 2013/2014 sporting season
(Sochi Olympic Games, UEFA Champions League, Tour de France, etc) in more than 30 territories
across the World. 2014 FIFA World Cup Source : Eurodata TV Worldwide / Médiamétrie – Mediamat /
SKO Stichting KijkOnderzoek / AGF / GfK fernsehforschung / Videoresearch Ltd / Nielsen TV Audience
Measurement / Auditel / Kantar Media Spain / BARB / Kantar Media UK / CSM / TNS Sport China

About Mediametrie: The industry leader in media research, Médiamétrie observes, measures
and analyses audience behaviour and market trends. Created in 1985, Médiamétrie is expanding its
activities in television, radio, the internet, film, mobile phones, and the cross-media sector in France and
abroad. In 2013, Médiamétrie produced a turnover of 75.2 M€.

This article was republished with permission from Karl-Heinz Huba, the editor and publisher of the Sport Intern.


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