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Qatar Promises an Air-Conditioned World Cup


Qatar, where summertime temperatures frequently surpass 40 C (104 F), has announced that all 12 of the stadiums it plans to use for the 2022 World Club soccer tournament will be air conditioned, and open-air, as required by FIFA.

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There is no “Lady” in Athletics


The difference between men’s basketball and women’s basketball is clear; one is played by men and one by women. In addition to that, many of the rules are different, such as the time on the shot clock, the distance of the three-point line and the 10-second backcourt rule. This is the case with a number of sports, yet despite these differences, teams differentiate more often by mascot than by sport.

A New Year’s Resolution: Becoming Physically Active


As 2011 approaches, you will start to hear people proclaim their New Year’s resolutions. Since obesity continues to be a global epidemic, some will make the pledge to become physically active. For example, “this is the year; I will go to the gym and workout.”

Preventing Head Injury: Should We be Talking about Rules or Helmets?


Helmet-to-helmet collisions in the National Football League (NFL) have been a major topic of discussion during the 2010 season. One factor that has not gotten much attention is the equipment involved, specifically the helmet that is worn during the game. Protecting players from injuries such as concussions that are caused by the violent collisions that take place on a game-by-game basis should be the top priority of the NFL. Instead, the major controversy of helmet-to-helmet collisions this year has been what constitutes a legal or an illegal hit. Pittsburgh Steelers players have strongly voiced their opinions to the league office about fines handed to players accused of leading with the helmet when making a tackle, noting in their argument the standard form for making a tackle and the shifting planes of players moments before collisions.

Coaches and Parents Should Take Concussion More Seriously

Recent reports have indicated that concussion rates in young athletes are on the rise. However, many scholars are concerned that we may not be taking the outcomes of head injury seriously enough.

Concussed High School Athletes Who Receive Neuropsychological Testing Sidelined Longer

When computerized neuropsychological testing is used, high school athletes suffering from a sports-related concussion are less likely to be returned to play within one week of their injury, according to a study in The American Journal of Sports Medicine (published by SAGE). Unfortunately, concussed football players are less likely to have computerized neuropsychological testing than those participating in other sports.

Exercise: The Older You Get, the More You Get Back


Medical doctors and researchers have been telling us for years that exercise is important for living a healthy and fulfilling life. An increasing number of research studies are indicating multiple benefits of physical activity for older adults. Aging is inevitable; your body begins to slowly break down, from your bones, to your muscles, to your brain. Due to this deterioration, as you age you can begin to lose both mental function and physical abilities. Not surprisingly, by keeping your body active, you can slow the deterioration of muscle and bone and maintain brain function as you age. In fact, numerous research studies have found that physical activity improves brain function, especially in the aging adult. This includes improved memory function and a reduced chance of dementia. Physical activity has also been used to treat and help prevent depression.

Kids, Nights, and Weight

Children who don’t get a good night’s sleep might wind up with an overweight body. Researchers saw it in around 1,900 children ranging in ages from birth to 13 years old. The researchers looked at sleep patterns and weight in 1997 and 2002. According to UCLA researcher Frederick Zimmerman, “It was roughly 10 hours of sleep a night. Kids who didn’t get enough sleep by that standard had roughly 80 percent more probability of being obese subsequently.”

The researchers say naps during the day don’t offset the effect. They think a lack of nighttime sleep throws off key hormones that affect weight and metabolism.

The study in Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine was supported by the National Institutes of Health.

Do States Get a Return on Sports Facilities Investments?


A little less than 34 years ago, the New York Giants played the Dallas Cowboys in the opening game of the new stadium off of Exit 16W of the New Jersey Turnpike in the Meadowlands. This year the Giants and the New York Jets will play the first football game in the new stadium off of Exit 16W of the New Jersey Turnpike in the Meadowlands. The new stadium has hosted concerts and the international kind of football but this place was built for the Giants and Jets.

9 Athletes are Among Newly Named Rhodes Scholars


The Rhodes Trust recently named 32 scholars from the United States, nine of whom are athletes. Click here for the list and brief biographies of Rhodes Scholar athletes.

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