Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Fantasy sports face new hurtle

Another week and another set of problems for daily sports fantasy company owners, DraftKing and FanDuel. One NFL player is suing the one of...

New York State residents are STILL paying for the 1980 Winter Olympics

The 1980 Lake Placid Winter Olympics was a money loser and organizers of that event could not get President Jimmy Carter to help with...

The NFL wants Europe, Mexico, euros and pesos and pounds

The National Football League's London excellent road adventures is done for the 2015 season and the NFL is so pleased with the three 2015...

It’s Only Money

Why do people continue to fill these stadiums with the outrageous prices for major sporting events? The average ticket price for the World Series...

Lillehammer Welcomes Foreign Volunteers

David Miller reflects on Jacques Rogge’s beneficial original initiative Pierre de Coubertin, revivalist of the modern Olympic Games, was motivated as much by intellectual education as...

Uniform Athlete Agents Act Strengthened to Include the Activities of Financial Advisors

The Uniform Athlete Agents Act (UAAA) definition of sports agents recently broadened to include financial advisors. The re-drafting and vote to amend the UAAA...

Lebron James: Lessons for My Sons

The NBA’s 2015 Finals ended last night. The younger, deeper, and talented Golden State Warriors won the Finals Series in six games. The usual...

Vegas to Say Goodbye to the Shark

Jerry Tarkanian will join the likes of Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Ronald Reagan, and John F. Kennedy when the lights go...

Ex Coach Claims U. of Hawaii Owes Him $1.4M

Former men's basketball coach Gib Arnold has filed a grievance against the University of Hawaii, claiming a violation of his employment agreement, the school...

Braves Stadium Bond Dispute Moving to GA. Supreme Court

Lawyers for Cobb County government say their plan to borrow nearly $400 million for the new Atlanta Braves stadium without a public vote is...

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