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Ethics Prevails Over Wins in Petrino Matter

“Today’s announcement is the culmination of a comprehensive search process that was intended to identify a leader for our football program that would serve...

NCAA Hammer Comes Down Again

On Feb. 1, the NCAA announced penalties against the University of Nebraska for rules violations relating to a textbook and study supplies situation that...

There May be a New NCAA Sheriff Coming to Town

(Editor’s Note.  Parts of this article are based on a story written by Birmingham News reporter, Jon Solomon.  The story appeared on http://al.com). NCAA executives...

Youth Sports as Gambling Mecca?

The ESPN program, Outside the Lines, reported on Dec. 18 about a youth football league in southern Broward County, Florida.  The program first spotlighted...

Where Have You Gone Steve Bartman?

The Sport Digest frequently runs pieces dealing with ethical issues in sports.  Recent stories have focused on the numerous NCAA members who have football...

Ohio State Says It Made Mistakes and is Sorry

(Editor’s Note: Issues facing people working in sports management and administration positions are a major focus of commentary in the Digest.  Few would disagree...

It’s the Silly Season Again in Youth Sports

It seems that every summer about this time stories begin to appear about problems in youth baseball circles involving adults.  It’s not enough that...

Ethical Dilemmas in Collegiate Athletics: The Role of Coaches and the Codes of Ethic

Competitive sports have a tremendous impact on our culture, influencing the values of millions of participants and spectators. It has been said that “Sport...

Some Schools May Simply Not Care about NCAA Violations

The University of Southern California learned recently that its appeal of its NCAA sanctions levied for recruiting violations in its football program would not...

You Really Can’t Lose Them All

It was little more than an afterthought in the 24 hour news cycle of sports activity.   Some newspaper sites and other sites reporting on...
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