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Being a Professional Counts

In this day and age of professional sports it is more important for the athletes to be able to express themselves and make everything...

Major League Baseball “It’s a Family Game”

Just a couple of days ago we heard that Adam LaRoche has made the decision to retire from baseball after the Chicago White Sox...

David Owen: Can the Olympic Movement learn anything from Heroes singer David Bowie’s perennially...

In his forty-odd years in the media spotlight, I am not aware that David Bowie gave the smallest sign of any particular fondness for...

Professionalism in sports is a thing of the past

Odell Beckham Jr. was suspended for one game after his escapade on the field against the Carolina Panthers defensive back Josh Norman. The finger...

Weighing the Cost of Integrity in Big Time Sports

WHY DID Rutgers fire Mike Rice? Was it because he exhibited inappropriate behavior or was the university protecting the school’s sports brand? It appears that...

NCAA Head May Be Part of the Problem

The NCAA staff in Indianapolis has taken a lot of heat in the past few months over its handling of investigations into the Jerry...

Sports Cheaters Often Do Not Face Life-Altering Sanctions

The American public is known for having short memories and being forgiving.  Some three years after Tiger Woods’ late night auto accident launched a...

Doping Part of Professional Cycling’s Culture

Professional cycling, one of the most popular sports in Europe and rich in history, has been plagued in recent years by suspicions of performance-enhancing...

Is Practicing Good Sportsmanship a Dying Art?

(Editor’s Note.  This story is based in part on a story that originally ran in the Columbus Post-Dispatch.  Poor behavior by both athletes and...

European Politicians Pour Scorn Over Sepp Blatter’s Handling of ISL Scandal

Sepp Blatter has been accused of sweeping the notorious ISL bribery scandal under the table in a damning new report that heaps fresh embarrassment...

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