Monday, November 30, 2020
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Getting Youth Physical Fit Also Improves Their Academic Achievement

Children have become more obese and less fit since the ‘80s, and this could be due to physically inactive lifestyles. According to a report...

Physical Literacy: The Holy Grail of Health and Wellness

The obesity crisis, which we hear about on an almost daily basis, is challenging our country in ways not seen before. It’s feared that...

A New Year’s Resolution: Becoming Physically Active

As 2011 approaches, you will start to hear people proclaim their New Year’s resolutions. Since obesity continues to be a global epidemic, some will...

Nutrition Basics Help Fight Child Obesity

With childhood obesity on the rise, parents, schools—even whole communities—are getting behind the movement to help young people eat healthier. FDA nutrition expert Shirley Blakely,...

Sleep: Essential for Mental and Physical Health

Some people believe sleep allows the body to become dormant and inactive. To the contrary, researchers have determined that sleep is a dynamic process,...
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