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Vegas Golden Knights May Eventually Turn Into a Strong Brand

The National Hockey League's Las Vegas franchise has a name, Vegas Golden Knights, but the team owner Bill Foley may have a trademark problem with the U....

Woe Canada, Quebec City Comes Up Short

Sometimes you just shake your head and wonder where sports fans come up with their notions. After Gary Bettman, National Hockey League Commissioner, announced...

Elvis Move Over, Here Comes The NHL

If all goes according to the script laid out a week ago by the National Hockey League expansion committee, Bill Foley will be deliver...

Rolling the Dice in Las Vegas

It appears that the National Hockey League is betting that Las Vegas, Nevada will be an excellent place to set up shop. Though the...

NHL Unlikely to “Pay for Privilege of Disrupting Season” and Cover Costs to Attend...

Commissioner Gary Bettman claims there is little chance of the National Hockey League (NHL) "paying for the privilege of disrupting its season" and covering...

Goon: the enforcer in hockey

Hockey movie Goon (Dowse, 2012) explored many of the themes and tensions in the sport of hockey surrounding violence. The film glorified fighting, the enforcer role...

NHL history before 1945

The sports book Joining the Clubs: The Business of the National Hockey League to 1945 (2015) discusses the business history of the sport, with...

Sports Is Nothing But Entertainment

There are some people, particularly among old time athletes and sports journalists that forget sports is little more than entertainment and competes with concerts,...

Boy on Ice, the life of NHL player Derek Boogaard

Detailed in the recent book, Boy on Ice (Branch, 2014), Derek Boogaard died in his late 20s and played for the NHL from 2005-10...

How The “Original Six” Stopped Growth in Hockey

The Tampa Bay Lighting National Hockey League franchise is taking on one of the so-called "Original Six" franchises, the Chicago Blackhawks for the right...

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