Monday, May 23, 2022
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Is There an Ethical Line in the Sand That Can’t be Crossed?

During a press conference held on March 7 at Ohio State University officials confirmed what media outlets such as Yahoo.Sports and USA Today had...

The NCAA Eligibility Center: The Most Important Group You’ve Never Heard About

The NCAA Division 1 Cabinet met in Indianapolis this past week and adopted a set of recommendations concerning student-athletes who wind up attending a...

Oscar Roberson and NCAA: The Big O Says No

In July, 2009 former UCLA basketball star and NBA player Ed O’Bannon filed suit against the NCAA for anti-trust violations stemming from its use...

Should Student-Athletes Be Paid? Views from Both Sides

A.J. Green of the University of Georgia had to sit out four games at the beginning of the 2010 season because he sold one...

Who is Monitoring the Student-Athlete’s Academic Performance?

Intercollegiate athletics at an NCAA member institution involves many people and most of their roles are clearly defined.  An NCAA student-athlete is a student...

College Football Needs a Playoff

A majority of college football fans may not realize this, but there was a Division 1 college football champion other than Auburn crowned on...
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