Friday, July 1, 2022
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Social Media Causing Shockwaves in College Sports

An article that first appeared in The Birmingham News recently discussed the role that the use by football players at the University of North...

The Clock is Ticking on Pay-to-Play

The past few months have seen regular bursts of publicity over alleged rule violations involving impermissible benefits being paid to NCAA student-athletes.  At this...

Ohio State Says It Made Mistakes and is Sorry

(Editor’s Note: Issues facing people working in sports management and administration positions are a major focus of commentary in the Digest.  Few would disagree...

Referees Aren’t the Only Ones Carrying Whistles These Days

Anyone working in any organization knows that so-called “whistle-blowers’ who report allegations of wrongdoing in their organization to outside sources face a significant change...

College Sports Programs Live in Two Worlds—One Rich and One Poor

Nearly a third of the 125 athletic departments that compete just below the NCAA's elite level increased their spending by more than 40 percent...

Some Schools May Simply Not Care about NCAA Violations

The University of Southern California learned recently that its appeal of its NCAA sanctions levied for recruiting violations in its football program would not...

Is Sound Immigration Policy Good Business?

Once again politics, law and sport have converged at the intersection of Public Policy Drive and Reality Boulevard.  In mid-April the Georgia legislature passed...

Are Olympic Sports a Dying Breed?

In the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China, some 30 million viewers in the U.S. tuned into NBC broadcasts of the men’s gymnastics competition. ...

NCAA Enforcement: Myth or Reality?

News media outlets have been full of stories over the past few months about problems with the NCAA Enforcement Staff and its handling of...

Justice Department to NCAA: Why Should the Rules be Different for You?

This week there have been a number of sports news reports concerning a recent letter sent by the U.S. Justice Department to Mark Emmert,...
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