Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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NCAA Rule Changes May Cause More Problems Than They Solve

The NCAA Board of Directors approved a package of “common sense” revisions of the voluminous NCAA Rulebook at its recent annual convention in Grapevine,...

NCAA Division I Schools at it Again

An article on this blog a few days ago mentioned that some 125 Division I Schools had petitioned the NCAA to reconsider its August...

Is the NCAA Really a Part of the Mafia?

Every day sports headlines across the country proclaim the latest news on the new sport of NCAA Division I Football Bowl Championship conference realignment. ...

Student-Athlete Equation Could Be a Win-Win

(Editor’s Note:  This article first appeared on the New York Times website on August 9 and in the print edition on August 10 at...

The Clock is Ticking on Pay-to-Play

The past few months have seen regular bursts of publicity over alleged rule violations involving impermissible benefits being paid to NCAA student-athletes.  At this...

Justice Department to NCAA: Why Should the Rules be Different for You?

This week there have been a number of sports news reports concerning a recent letter sent by the U.S. Justice Department to Mark Emmert,...
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