Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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Rinkside Test Accurately Helps Detect Professional Ice Hockey Team’s Concussions in Minutes

A simple test performed at the rink side of the National Hockey League's Philadelphia Flyers Hockey team accurately detected concussions in athletes, according to...

Local Families Demonstrate after New Study Shows Youth Concussions Rising

(Editor’s Note. This article was sent out for general release.  It was forwarded to the Digest by Dr. Ric Esposito, Chair of Sports Medicine...

New Concussion Bill Popular With Coaches

(Editor’s Note.  This article first appeared on the Your Norwin blog, a service of the Norwin Star newspaper.  This blog can be located online...

Concussion Research Can’t Be Ignored

Ann McKee is a neruopatholigist and a leading brain concussion researcher.  When asked how she’d advise her 19-year-old son if he was offered a...

Nader Calls for Concussion Test to Become Mandatory in Youth Sports

More than 400,000 concussions occurred in high school sports during a recent school year. That fact is alarming given that the brains of youth...

It’s Time to KO Concussions

Editor’s Note.  This is one in a series of articles posted on The Sport Digest blog in recent weeks.  The Digest will continue to...
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