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Barry Bonds and Ryan Braun Stories Cap off Bad Week for Sports Journalists

(Editor’s Note.  Evan Weiner is a frequent contributor to the Digest.  This article reflects a different perspective on the impact of performance enhancing drugs...

Dropping the Ball—College Athletics on a Slippery Field

NINE Wayne Hills High School football players were charged early last month with assaulting two students from Wayne Valley High School. The Wayne Board...

Americans dote on sports celebrities like Joe Paterno

A little over 19 years ago, Donald Fehr and I were sitting in the dugout at Chain of Lakes Stadium in Winter Haven, Florida...

NBA lockout and the Blame Game

Sportswriters and sports pundits have reduced the cause of the National Basketball Association lockout to simple bumper sticker fitting terms such as the billionaires...

Plan to Pay NCAA Student-Athletes in Works

While college football fans wait for Boise State, Air Force, Navy, Central Florida and a bunch of other schools to accept an invitation from...

Another week of sports business tests fan loyalty

Sometimes you wonder why people become emotionally overzealous about sports. After all, it is just a game and when one ends another begins. It...

NFL and NFLPA’s Labor Woes May Not be Over Yet

(Editor’s Note. On Aug. 4 the NFLPA membership formally approved the settlement of the recent lockout.  This settlement apparently did not include any provisions...

The Business of the NFL Rolls On

To the relief of a great many beers distributors, snack food vendors, per diem workers who are employed 10 days a year by NFL...

Rant by LeBron James speaks volumes about the real world of sports

Perhaps in the smoke and mirrors and laser light shows filled with loud music of 2011 sports, LeBron James should be introduced with some...

Will the NBA become a ‘Fly Over’ League?

The NBA Championship Finals series is one of the National Basketball Association’s crown jewel events; but behind the glitz and glamour of the competition...

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