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From Peach Baskets to Dance Halls and the Not-so-Stern NBA

The 21st century version of the National Basketball Association will never be confused with the various leagues that cropped up after Dr. James Naismith...

Florida Elected Officials Could Continue Spending Million on Sports

Shahid Khan spent a reported $760 million to buy the Jacksonville Jaguars National Football League (NFL) team in November 2011. The deal was finalized...

America’s Passion: How a Coal Miner’s Game Became the NFL in the 20th Century

A Synopsis of Evan Weiner’s New Book (Editor’s Note—This new book by Evan Weiner is available as an e-book for $2.99 from Smashwords.  It is...

Lance Armstrong Doping Charges: What is WADA and Why Do They Care?

And so the Lance Armstrong did he or didn't he use performance enhancing drugs during his Tour de France race days continue. The World...

This Space for Rent

There really wasn't much of an uproar from sports fans when it was announced that a low level soccer team, FC New York, was...

How NBC ended Qatar’s Olympic bid for the 2020 Summer Games

So the Summer Olympics are nothing more than just a TV show that would have trouble competing with other sports, entertainment and politics if...

High School Football an Endangered Species

School boards have begun work getting budgets in place for the new 2012-13 school year. The people who do the budgets and the people...

Junior Seau’s Death Just Another Football Statistic?

I didn’t know Junior Seau although I met him on the day he was drafted into the National Football League in 1990 and probably...

2012 NFL Draft: Socialism at its Finest

In 1987, Bill Daughtry and I hosted a one-off cable television show called "Between the Lines." It was a sports business conversation, the kind...

NBA Economics: Amnesia, Economic Schemes and Handouts for Billionaires

(Editor’s Note.  This article is exerted from a column that first ran on Feb. 24, 2012.  Readers can read the entire column here.  Public...

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