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Big 10 Commissioner Cries Wolf in O’Bannon Lawsuit Against NCAA

Big 10 Conference Commissioner Jim Delaney decided to play the big Boogie Man card in Ed O'Bannon's lawsuit against the NCAA for using college athletes likeness...

Penn State Faces Nightmarish Costs

News items related to the Penn State scandal just keep popping up in the news like some kind of recurring bad dream. This week there...

Florida School Cuts Stadium Deal With Questionable Partner

It is not uncommon for pro sports franchises to sell naming rights to sports facilities to well-heeled benefactors.  At least 70 pro sports facilities...

NCAA Gives Rules Changes the Old College Try

Anyone who really thought that the NCAA was going to emerge from its most recent Annual Meetings unscathed must have dated Lennay Kekua before...

NCAA Rule Changes May Cause More Problems Than They Solve

The NCAA Board of Directors approved a package of “common sense” revisions of the voluminous NCAA Rulebook at its recent annual convention in Grapevine,...

Pennsylvania Governor Joins the Fray in Penn State Story

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett filed suit recently in federal court seeking to overturn sanctions imposed by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) against Penn...

10 Eating Tips for a Healthier College Football Bowl Season

Bowl season brings specific eating challenges for football fans. Tailgating is often centered on binge eating and drinking. Anxious and celebratory supporters often live...

How Times Have Changed in Sports and in the Country

As hard as this might be to be believed by the more than 70 percent of Americans who were not alive in the pre-Civil...

Colleges Continue to Chase the Financial Bonanza

The University of Maryland announced Nov. 19 that it was moving its sports teams to the Big Ten conference for the 2014-1015 academic year. ...

Will Penn State Ever Get the Piper Fully Paid?

An article appeared on Sept. 5 in the San Francisco Chronicle that reported on the ongoing financial costs Incurred by Penn State as a...
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