Women in sport project launched as part of Lillehammer 2016 legacy

An initiative to promote female leadership in sport has been launched as a legacy project of the Lillehammer 2016 Winter Youth Olympic Games. The "Lillehammer...

Biles makes history with third consecutive all-around title at Artistic Gymnastics World Championships

Formidable American Simone Biles etched her name into the history books by sealing a record third straight women’s individual all-around title with a display...

Is Anyone Protecting Youth Football Players?

While Congress and the National Football League battle over the league's reluctance to fund a study on brain injuries that might have been caused...

Sportsmanship at its Finest

I felt compelled to share a story that I read about which took place during the recent Indiana State High School Baseball 4A State...

Dangers of Youth Sport Specialization

Remember the David Winfield’s? The Bo Jacksons? Remember the three-sport athlete? There was a time where athletes only played football during the fall, basketball...

The Nuances of Travel Baseball Teams

Travel baseball has taken over youth baseball across the country. There’s this belief that a travel team and a higher level of competitive play...

The Genuine Nature of Olympic Sport Reaffirmed

David Miller welcomes Lillehammer’s Winter Youth Games ceremony Amid the widespread evil controversies enveloping much of international sport, Norway last night reminded the world...

Armour: Maybe Football isn’t Fading Away, it’s Just Moving Where it’s Played

Long Beach Poly has won 19 state titles and sent more than 60 players to the NFL, most of any high school in the...

Al-Hussein, McFadden Named Winners of Prestigious IPC Award for Rio 2016

Independent Paralympic Athletes (IPA) team member Ibrahim Al-Hussein and American athlete Tatyana McFadden have today been named as the recipients of the Whang Youn...

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