Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup voted most impactful major events for young people

Good news for the IOC and FIFA in wake of current and recent sporting scandals, with a YouGov poll finding that sports blockbusters such...

Dangers of Youth Sport Specialization

Remember the David Winfield’s? The Bo Jacksons? Remember the three-sport athlete? There was a time where athletes only played football during the fall, basketball...

More Evidence that Youth Football Numbers Declining

West Allis Youth Football is stepping up its game this year to encourage more sign ups for next year. Enrollments lagged so much this...

Biles makes history with third consecutive all-around title at Artistic Gymnastics World Championships

Formidable American Simone Biles etched her name into the history books by sealing a record third straight women’s individual all-around title with a display...

Zero Tolerance = Drama and Poor Lesson for League Children

Today youth sport relies on volunteer parents for coaching in all aspects of youth sport and that also includes administration for many leagues. The...

Opinion: Adults Cheat Game, Kids by Skirting Little League Rules

There is no feel-good story, no heartwarming tale of inspiration that adults can't screw up. Jackie Robinson West lost its U.S. Little League title not...

Pop Warner Football Blamed for Former Player’s Suicide

Pop Warner youth football is being sued for $5 million following the suicide of 25-year-old Wisconsin man. The lawsuit, filed by the man’s mother,...

Benefits of Youth Sport Development

Recent information has come forward suggesting team sport participation can provide benefits for children. Researchers at the University of Wollongong examined the effects of playing...

The 10,000 Hour Rule: “Not for the Faint of Heart or for the Impatient”

Most sport enthusiasts have at least heard of the 10,000 hours of deliberate practice needed to reach the expert level of athletic performance, although...

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