Mark Cooper: Come for the Games, stay for the festival: lessons from Lillehammer

With an ambitious tagline of “Go beyond. Create tomorrow” Lillehammer 2016 can already satisfy itself with having achieved the first half of its promise....
Youth Baseball Player

WBSC launch official charity partnership with Play For Change

The World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) has agreed a new partnership with the Play For Change (PFC) charitable trust, aimed at enabling more children...

Big Money Made Off of Little Leagues

The United States Sports Academy has conducted a wide range of quality sport education programs throughout the world. Recently, I had a great opportunity...

Fitbits now mandatory for students at this Oklahoma university

They take exercise seriously at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa. All students are required to meet strict fitness goals. And they are graded on how they do. For...

The Genuine Nature of Olympic Sport Reaffirmed

David Miller welcomes Lillehammer’s Winter Youth Games ceremony Amid the widespread evil controversies enveloping much of international sport, Norway last night reminded the world...

Dangers of Youth Sport Specialization

Remember the David Winfield’s? The Bo Jacksons? Remember the three-sport athlete? There was a time where athletes only played football during the fall, basketball...

6th Children of Asia International Sport Games Being Staged in Russia

With the 6th Children of Asia International Sport Games to take place at Yakutsk, Russia, in July 2016, OCA President Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah urged the...

Meeting the Changing Trends of Youth

If the IOC has a role as guardian of the changing ambitions of sporting youth, it should take note of what were allegedly the three...

Al-Hussein, McFadden Named Winners of Prestigious IPC Award for Rio 2016

Independent Paralympic Athletes (IPA) team member Ibrahim Al-Hussein and American athlete Tatyana McFadden have today been named as the recipients of the Whang Youn...

High School PED Testing Bill Approved by NJ Assembly

A New Jersey state Assembly committee approved a bill that would expand random testing of high school athletes for steroids and performance enhancing drugs...

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