Sunday, January 17, 2021

We Need to Listen to Our Young People

Like most kids with raw talent, Eli began his athletic career playing catch in the yard. It was clear from his earliest days he...

NCAA Women’s Basketball Trouble Spots Worth Further Review?

At the January 2011 NCAA Convention in San Antonio, Texas, members of the NCAA research staff reported results from the second NCAA Growth, Opportunities,...

Race Smart to Finish Strong: From the 800 meters to the 5000 Meters

The distances from 800 meters to 5000 meters are today all considered to be middle distance events.  In some ways race pacing and strategy...

Running Up the Score: Is it Ever Acceptable?

Certainly, fans of the professional game pay a lot of money to be entertained.  The often high price of a ticket brings with it...

The Power Clean

The power clean is the best lift for power and explosiveness, and should be included in all strength and conditioning programs. It’s effective because...

When Should Athletes Specialize in a Single Sport?

An increasing number of young athletes are specializing in a single sport nowadays, leading to a general lack of foundational preparation and physical literacy....
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