Why London 2012 Worked – the Critical Success Factors

The scale of success achieved at the London 2012 Games has become clearer and more vivid over the past year, providing a new blueprint...

Spread of Synthetic Marijuana a Growing Problem in College Athletics

A story ran in the Mobile Press-Register on Sunday, July 29, about the death in September 2011 of a basketball player at Anderson  College...

So Maybe Charity Does Begin at Home?

The breaking story written by Jay Bookman in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution was just too good not to post and follow. As many of us already know,...

Notre Dame’s Brian Kelly Eager to Prove 2012 was No Fluke

Now everyone wants to know if Notre Dame can do it again, get back to national contention. And not just down the road when...

NHL Lockout Update

Ending the 113 –day lockout, which the owners claim was costing the league up to $20 million a day, or about $2 billion in...

Academy Awards Auburn University Head Football Coach Gus Malzahn

Head coach Gus Malzahn was presented the award Friday, May 30th at Auburn Athletics Complex. United States Sports Academy President and CEO Dr. Thomas P....

Coaching Young People is a Calling

Like many adults, I started coaching youth sports when my two sons were old enough to play on teams.  My sons, fraternal twins, began...

Coaches teaching life lessons

Coaches are forced with many tough decisions on a daily basis. Whether it is an on or off the field issue coaches have to...

Weighing the Cost of Integrity in Big Time Sports

WHY DID Rutgers fire Mike Rice? Was it because he exhibited inappropriate behavior or was the university protecting the school’s sports brand? It appears that...

Weighted Disc Wheel Training for Elite Level Track Cycling Sprinters

What is Track Cycling Track cycling made its Olympic debut in 1896 (1).  Since its inception the sport has captivated athletes and spectators alike with...

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