The NFL’s Slow Suicide into Non-Relevance

There is no doubt that politics has long played a part in sports from the beginning. One could argue, according to one of Merriam-Webster’s...

Where Have You Gone Steve Bartman?

The Sport Digest frequently runs pieces dealing with ethical issues in sports.  Recent stories have focused on the numerous NCAA members who have football...

Opinion: The Meaninglessness of NBA Basketball

The National Basketball Association's attendance and television ratings have been in steady decline. One prevalent explanation is that the game doesn't fit well into...

Why the Raiders Should Leave Oakland (And Others Should Do The Same)

Roughly five years ago, I decided I wanted to work in law enforcement. I went to my family and laid out my plan. The...

NBA has Record Number of International Players for the 2016-17 Season

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has a record number of international players for the 2016-17 season. A total of 113 international players from a...

Is it Time We Allow Teenage MMA Fights in the USA?

(Editor’s Note. The topic of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) would seem to be one that is not appropriate for The Sport Digest. ...

Bears and Packers: bitter rivals? Not really

Those bitter old rivals, the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers, who take to the football field in Chicago on Sunday, really aren't...

The Real Value of Medical Scholarships

In The Wall Street Journal’s September 24, 2010 edition, Hannah Karp and Darren Everson offered an intriguing article titled Alabama’s Unhappy Castoffs. It dealt...

Is the NCAA Really a Part of the Mafia?

Every day sports headlines across the country proclaim the latest news on the new sport of NCAA Division I Football Bowl Championship conference realignment. ...

Is U.S. College Tennis Under Foreign Invasion?

No other American college sport has more international players than tennis. But with tens of millions of dollars in scholarships going to foreign-born players...

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