In Defense of Roger Goodell

There were reports earlier this week that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who thinks he is the National Football League’s ranking owner which may...

Armour: Steelers OL’s `Dirty, Grimy Work’ Makes Bell, Big Ben Look Good

The Pittsburgh Steelers are under no illusions about the driving force behind their offense. Sure, Le’Veon Bell is a wrecking ball of a running back,...

Armour: NFL Goes Light on Jameis Winston

By Nancy Armour | The only way the NFL’s announcement of Jameis Winston’s suspension could have been more insulting was if it slapped a pink...

Brady, Park Named Academy’s 2017 Male and Female Athlete of the Year

The United States Sports Academy has named New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and South Korean golfer Sung Hyun Park as the winners of...

The NFL wants Europe, Mexico, euros and pesos and pounds

The National Football League's London excellent road adventures is done for the 2015 season and the NFL is so pleased with the three 2015...

Armour: Brady, Patriots Fooled us Again on Way to Another Super Bowl

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are going back to the Super Bowl, just as we all expected. Or should have anyway. A throwing hand that...

16 Years Since I Was Public Enemy #1 in San Diego

It has been 16 years since San Diego Chargers owner Alex Spanos expressed his unhappiness that the city of San Diego was uninterested in...

Armour: This was the Injury the Depleted Packers Couldn’t Afford

"Next man up" is the NFL’s familiar refrain after an injury. That’s easy enough to say when it’s a man. Not so much when it’s the man. The Green Bay...

Unpleasant reality; the NFL draft shouldn’t be legal

There are a number of non-football people who make a lot of money off of the National Football League draft who will never say...

Armour: Snap Judgments not Wise During NFL Draft

Rational thinking is in short supply this week. For the next few days, there will be wild statements made with no basis in fact. Knee-jerk...

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