Armour: Just How Much Will NFL Teams Pay for Mediocre QBs?

The absurdity of the NFL’s silly season can be summed up in two words: Mike Glennon. Glennon, for those not familiar – and if you’re...

The Trust for Former NFL Players

I recently attended a webinar through the National Association of Athletic Advisor’s for Athletics (N4A). The message was to provide information for former National...

Homeless in Oakland

Mark Davis and his Raiders partners will be taking their business to Las Vegas at some point in the future. Just when is anybody’s...

Christian McCaffrey and the Value of Bowl Games

Christian McCaffrey was a running back for the Stanford Cardinals and will play the same position for the Carolina Panthers of the NFL. He...

The Reality of the Falcons Not ‘Looking for Angels’ in NFL Draft

Atlanta Falcons General Manager Thomas Dimitroff recently announced in a press conference the team isn’t looking for angels in the upcoming NFL draft. This was...

Will Someone Please Give Mark Davis 1 Billion Dollars

National Football League teams are a scarce commodity. There are just 32 of them in 30 different geographical areas around the United States. But...

Another 23 year old quits the NFL

A. J. Tarpley, a 23-year-old National Football League player with the Buffalo Bills decided to stop playing football on Wednesday. His reason? "After months of introspection, I...

Top Non-QBs Who Could be NFL MVP

By Michael Hanich | The sport of football relies on every single position on the field including offense, defense, and special teams. The quarterback usually...

Nightengale: Mets Know Reality as Tim Tebow Time Begins: Major Leagues Are But a...

You believe it’s nothing more than a marketing gimmick, a public relations stunt, and then you hear Tim Tebow’s voice. You ask yourself why Tebow...

Armour: Brady, Patriots Fooled us Again on Way to Another Super Bowl

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are going back to the Super Bowl, just as we all expected. Or should have anyway. A throwing hand that...

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