Athletes and Politics

With the 2016 presidential election looming, people across the country are engaged in heated debate concerning the many components of society in the United...

Seattle is the Best Empty NBA or NHL Market

David Stern spent most of his adult professional life working for the National Basketball Association starting as a league lawyer and then spending three...

NBA Wants Gambling Money

NBA attorney Dan Spillane testified in front of the New York state senate he strongly supports allowing fans unheralded access to gambling for NBA...

French NBA Star Tony Parker Named Paris 2024 Education Ambassador

By Mike Rowbottom | Tony Parker, France's National Basketball Association (NBA) star, was named as the Paris 2024 education ambassador. The announcement was made beneath the...

NBA Players Want to Know Why 18-Year-Olds Barred from the League

National Basketball Association owners and players are in negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement and an old subject is on the table: What...

Charlotte Awarded 2019 NBA All-Star Game after Modifying Bathroom Law

Both the National Basketball Association and the National Collegiate Athletic Association are back in the “doing additional business in the state of North Carolina"...

Are Cord Cutters to Blame for Falling NBA TV Ratings?

Sports Business Journal reported that National Basketball Association (NBA) television ratings on regional cable sports networks have fallen about 15 percent through the first...

Armour: LeBron James is not the GOAT, and Neither is Michael Jordan

By Nancy Armour | LeBron is the greatest! No, MJ was better! You’re both wrong, it was Kareem! Are you crazy? How can you forget...

Angel in Devil’s Shoes, Part One

There are sports personalities and/or celebrities that have found ways to bring themselves to the brink of unsalvageable situations… Take Donald Sterling – Banned for...

What is LeBron’s Economic Impact on a City?

By Evan Weiner | The “where will LeBron James will play next season” storyline continues. But there are those in Cleveland who are hoping that...

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