Nightengale: Doctor Says Baseball Can ‘Lead the Way’ on Coronavirus Response

By Bob Nightengale | The man is a chemist by trade, with a passion for baseball, and a...

Nightengale: Cubs’ Meltdown Signals the End of the Joe Maddon Era

By Bob Nightengale | It happened once again. Only this one was more painful. Another...

Nightengale: As Home Runs Fly at Record Pace, MLB’s Doping Question is Back

By Bob Nightengale | We don’t want to go there, please not again. We don't...

Nightengale: ‘Moneyball’ Hero Captivated by Indians Win Streak

They wrote a best-selling book about his baseball team. They made a Hollywood movie about their winning streak. They made a celebrity out of him. Now, 15...

Nightengale: MLB Players’ Anger Finally Boils Over

You knew it was coming. The signs were everywhere. The frustration was visible in their faces, anger dripping from their voices, and frustration tearing at their...

Revive Houston after Hurricane Harvey

Can the Houston Astros shock the world with a win tonight over the Los Angeles Dodgers to win the 2017 World Series? Their chances...

Nightengale: Cubs Veteran Catcher David Ross Celebrates Division Title in Wrigleyville

There were no hangovers, reddened eyes or hoarse throats. The Chicago Cubs didn’t bother to celebrate their first NL Central title since 2008 Thursday night. Since...

Nightengale: Harper Deserves All-Star Nod Despite Tough Season

By Bob Nightengale | The All-Star Game doesn’t really count for anything anymore. The experiment of playing for home-field advantage in the World Series is gone. The...

MLB Expansion is on the Table

By Evan Weiner | Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred is still pushing the idea that the league should add two teams to its 30...

Nightengale: These Cubs Curl Up in the Warm Embrace of World Series Expectations

It was dark and gloomy in Chicago, raining all day Wednesday, but it did nothing to dampen this sudden aura of invincibility in town. The...

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