Nightengale: Jose Fernandez, Embodiment of American Dream, Had Irrepressible Spirit

Nobody wanted to play baseball Sunday. Nobody wanted to watch games, listen or even care. Really, all anyone wanted to do was mourn the death of...

Israel Shocks South Korea in World Baseball Classic Opener

Israel shocked South Korea 2-1 in the opening match of the 2017 World Baseball Classic at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul today. The Israeli...

Wainwright, Flaherty, and Perceived and Hidden Value

By Tom Liberman | An interesting situation arose here in baseball land, St. Louis, when the local ballclub decided to activate longtime ace Adam Wainwright...

Nightengale: MLB Finds Diversity it Seeks Elusive

Major League Baseball, frustrated that their managerial and GM vacancies this winter were filled without a single minority hired from outside an organization, revealed...

Nightengale: Cubs’ Meltdown Signals the End of the Joe Maddon Era

By Bob Nightengale | It happened once again. Only this one was more painful. Another...

Nightengale: Eric Thames’ Amazing MLB Comeback Story

Eric Thames walks into the loud Milwaukee Brewers clubhouse after his historical evening, starts to strip off his uniform, when a stranger approaches him...

Nightengale: MLB Players’ Anger Finally Boils Over

You knew it was coming. The signs were everywhere. The frustration was visible in their faces, anger dripping from their voices, and frustration tearing at their...

Nightengale: Why USA’s World Baseball Classic Win over Dominican Republic is its Best Ever

They were chastised for not showing enough flair, ridiculed for being underachievers, and slammed for not having their greatest stars play for them. No matter,...

Nightengale: Gagne, Dempster are Canada’s World Baseball Classic Golden Oldies

Eric Gagne gave up his movie career, along with his trademark goggles, for the opportunity to pitch for his country and perhaps launch one...

Nightengale: By Erasing Yawkey Way the Red Sox, Boston Seize Opportunity from Shame

By Bob Nightengale | This won’t change Boston’s reputation as one of baseball’s most racist cities, reinforced a year ago by the ugly incident involving...

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