Nightengale: Why Terry Francona is a Perfect Match for Indians

Indians manager Terry Francona got up Wednesday morning, drove his scooter to Progressive Field at 10:30, changed into a swim suit, and swam. Lap after...

Nightengale: As First African American Cubs Play in World Series, Larry Doby’s Legacy Alive...

Chicago Cubs leadoff hitter Dexter Fowler knew that with every step he took from the on-deck circle Tuesday, until the moment he reached home...

Armour: Where’s Steve Bartman? Cheering for the Cubs

Steve Bartman doesn’t need pity, he doesn’t need redemption and he sure as hell doesn’t need forgiveness. What he needs is peace. Thirteen years after Bartman...

MLB Eyeing Return to Montreal?

Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred is teasing Montreal baseball fans claiming that it is possible that some regular season games could be played...

Baseball’s Bright Future

In recent years, much has been made of Major League Baseball’s difficulty in attracting young fans. The consensus seems to be that baseball is,...

Nightengale: Cubs, Indians World Series Drought Raises Stakes

Yes, just in case anyone has forgotten outside the 216 area code, there’s another long-suffering legion of fans, with generations never having seen their...

Nightengale: Clayton Kershaw, Dodgers’ One-Man Show, Dominates Cubs and Evens NLCS

You could sense the demons lurking around Los Angeles Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw once again Sunday evening, in the inning that has haunted him...

Nightengale: These Cubs Curl Up in the Warm Embrace of World Series Expectations

It was dark and gloomy in Chicago, raining all day Wednesday, but it did nothing to dampen this sudden aura of invincibility in town. The...

My Greek Tragedy

“Forget curses and droughts; the Cubs have the best combination of hitting, pitching and fielding- period. So the question isn’t whether they will finally...

Nightengale: Jon Lester Hopes to End Cubs’ 108-Year World Series ‘Curse’

Jon Lester and his wife, sitting around the kitchen table recently, turned the conversation to the Chicago Cubs’ upcoming postseason, and Farrah had a...

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