London 2012 at the Halfway Mark

“The first half of the London Games has been a spectacular success that has transformed a naturally cautious British public into a nation of...

Time to Stop Prejudice Against Chinese Athletes

Since the opening of the London Olympic Games last week, a small number of Western media have indulged in making up stories about  China that...

Weighted Disc Wheel Training for Elite Level Track Cycling Sprinters

What is Track Cycling Track cycling made its Olympic debut in 1896 (1).  Since its inception the sport has captivated athletes and spectators alike with...

Footballer is Second Olympic Athlete to be Punished for Posting Racist Twitter Remarks

Switzerland footballer Michel Morganella has been stripped of his Olympic accreditation after posting a racist message on social networking site Twitter. Morganella posted the message,...

‘Romneyshambles’ Day at London Games

U.S. Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney,  the self-named savior of the Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympic Games, has attracted broadsides from British politicians with tactless...

BBC Wins Future Olympic Broadcast Rights

“It's a big day for BBC Sport” said the broadcaster’s director-general and could not resist taking a dig at the British print media. “So...

On Olympic Uniform Issue: Congress Wears the Emperor’s New Clothes

(Editor’s Note.  The heated controversy about the American Olympic team’s China-made Ralph Lauren clothing, caused by the political hypocrisy in the run-up to the...

Luciano Barra’s London 2012 Medal Projection

Here is one person’s projected medal count for the top 15 countries in the upcoming Summer Games.  Mr. Barra is the former head of...

Olympic security is no joke

Upon arrival in the Olympic city, it rained. No surprise. The newspapers were full of stories about security concerns relating to the Summer Games,...

Cheer When You’re Losing

One of the things I teach as a coach, and lecture on as legacy ambassador for the Youth Sport Trust at sport colleges around...

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