Concussion May Triple Suicide Risk

The dangers of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE),  a degenerative neurological disease have been well known for many years. The disease has been been be...

Heineken turns to women to help curb men’s drinking in a global ad

Heineken turns to women to help curb men's drinking in a global ad that champions moderation. The ad, called "moderate drinkers wanted", was created...

Will a Crumpling Helmet Make Football Safer?

As concerns about concussions continue to grow, especially around football, companies and policy makers have been looking for ways to make the game safer. One...

Understanding the Ultimate Risks of Teenage Steroid Use

The signs of steroid use were there. Taylor Hooton had put on 30 pounds of muscle in less than three months. There was the acne...

Study: HS ADs Face Barriers to Hiring Athletic Trainers

As youth and high school sports injuries continue to make headlines, a new study published in the Journal of Athletic Training revealed that high...

Preventing and Treating Muscle Cramping Plays a Major Role in Keeping Athletes Healthy

Coaches and athletes alike must have a general knowledge of what causes and how to prevent and treat muscle cramping in order to be...

There’s Dumb luck, and then There’s Just Dumb

The NFL might want to consider adding a new session to its rookie symposium about how to read a standard player contract, that section...

3D Printing: A Future in the Sports Industry

You’ve heard a lot lately about 3D printing. Did you know it was invented over 20 years ago? Having started in the 1980s, 3D...

Psycho-Social Effects of Sports and Physical Fitness on the Well Being of Veterans

Military personnel face a unique set of daily challenges and are often placed in harm’s way in life or death situations. These highly charged...

Health Sense: Finding Non-invasive Solutions for Injuries

In the last two decades, extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) — a non-invasive procedure with virtually no down-time after treatment, has proven effective in...

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