Do Ice Baths After Exercise Really Work?

Recent research suggests that sitting in a tub full of ice after a hard workout may help prevent muscle soreness that can afflict athletes...

3D Printing: A Future in the Sports Industry

You’ve heard a lot lately about 3D printing. Did you know it was invented over 20 years ago? Having started in the 1980s, 3D...

Boxing vs. Mixed Martial Arts: Which is More Dangerous?

Recently there has been an increase in the debating of whether the sport of boxing or mixed martial arts (MMA) is more dangerous to...

Testing Cardiovascular Fitness in Our Youth

Cardiovascular fitness is generally considered to be the most important component of health-related physical fitness. Other commonly used terms for cardiovascular fitness include cardiorespiratory...

Prevention and Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis

 Low Dye Taping Technique In the last article involving plantar fasciitis (PF) I discussed the anatomy and importance of the foot and the plantar...

Youth Sports Injuries Infographic

Many parents today are questioning whether competitive sports are worth it, when they subject young children to possible serious injury. But while nearly 30 million...

Concussion Research Can’t Be Ignored

Ann McKee is a neruopatholigist and a leading brain concussion researcher.  When asked how she’d advise her 19-year-old son if he was offered a...

Russian Athletics Federation President Defends Country’s Doping Record

Russia should not be singled out unfairly as having a major doping problem despite several high-profile cases involving its top athletes, it was claimed...

We Need to Listen to Our Young People

Like most kids with raw talent, Eli began his athletic career playing catch in the yard. It was clear from his earliest days he...

Concussion Rate Remains Steady

Recent information collected by the NCAA’s Injury Surveillance Program indicates that the rate of football related concussions has remained steady over an eight-year period,...

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