It’s Not That Easy Stupid: Clarifying the Role of Physical Activity on Weight...

Losing weight is not easy.  If it was, you would simply have to exercise and Voila!!—you would lose weight.  Unfortunately, just doing physical activity...

Athletes Say Snowboarding Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

It is a rare occurrence when athletes call a halt to an event on the eve of the competition.  Yet that is exactly what...

Doping with Deer Antlers

Recently Yahoo! Sports published an article titled “Deer antlers?” (yes, deer antlers) by Dan Wetzel, This article discussed the supplement deer antler velvet and...

C+ is Not a Passing Grade for Youth Sports Safety

Is a C+ a good grade?  According to the Youth Sports Safety Alliance (YSSA) spearheaded by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA), Americans are...

Walking Your Way to Health

A perfect way to begin an exercise program is to start walking. Becoming physically active is of utmost importance in the prevention of several...

Getting Youth Physical Fit Also Improves Their Academic Achievement

Children have become more obese and less fit since the ‘80s, and this could be due to physically inactive lifestyles. According to a report...

American Council on Exercise: America’s Authority on Fitness

Since 1985, the American Council on Exercise (ACE) has been committed to providing fitness education and certification to professionals and practitioners alike. ACE is...

Physical Literacy: The Holy Grail of Health and Wellness

The obesity crisis, which we hear about on an almost daily basis, is challenging our country in ways not seen before. It’s feared that...

A New Year’s Resolution: Becoming Physically Active

As 2011 approaches, you will start to hear people proclaim their New Year’s resolutions. Since obesity continues to be a global epidemic, some will...

Coaches and Parents Should Take Concussion More Seriously

Recent reports have indicated that concussion rates in young athletes are on the rise. However, many scholars are concerned that we may not be...

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