Scale Back Alabama a Success Story at the Academy

The seventh annual Scale Back Alabama contest—a 10-week competition that encourages Alabama citizens to lose weight and improve their overall health—recently came to an...

Want to Lose Weight? Eat Here

Pop quiz: It's Friday night and you're trying to decide where to take the family for a healthy dinner on the town. Should you...

Exercise as Medicine

In a 2010 CNN interview, U.S. Air force retired Lt. Gen. Norman Seip said more than one in four U.S. military recruits were unfit...

Presidential Physical Fitness Test to Be Replaced in 2014

School-based fitness programs will enter a new era in 2014, when a new assessment called the Presidential Youth Fitness Program replaces the 24-year-old Physical...

A Simple Way to Fight Childhood Obesity

The most recent edition of the journal, Pediatrics, reported the results of an interesting study that sought to examine obesity in first grade children...

Sweating the Details

(Editor’s Note.  This article first appeared on Oct. 26, 2011 in a blog published by the Teachers College at Columbia University.  The link to...

Joe Weider Left a Legacy of Health and Fitness

Joe Weider was a pioneer in the business of bodybuilding. Weider developed a multi-million dollar fitness publishing empire, including such publications as Muscle and...

Diabetes Could Pose Major Health Threat to Future Generations

Nearly 1 in 4 American adolescents may be on the verge of developing Type 2 diabetes or could already be diabetic, representing a sharp...

Are We a Nation of Fat People?

Taming the obesity epidemic in this country needs an all-hands-on-deck strategy so that schools provide students 60 minutes of physical activity daily, fast-food restaurants...

Obesity Responsible for 21 percent of Health Care Costs, According to Cornell Study

(Editor’s Note.  This article is based on an article that appeared on April 9, 2012 in The Stone Hearth News online blog.  To read...

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