10 Eating Tips for a Healthier College Football Bowl Season

Bowl season brings specific eating challenges for football fans. Tailgating is often centered on binge eating and drinking. Anxious and celebratory supporters often live...

Adam Nelson on the Verge of Gold

"It is," Adam Nelson said December 6," bittersweet." It has been more than eight years since they held the shot put competition at the...

Energy Drinks Should Be Marketed and Sold as Supplements Not ‘Drinks’

As witnessed by widespread use, positive athlete testimonials, and even the new pink lemonade 5-hour energy commercials, energy drinks (EDs) appear to be perceived...

A Football Lifer Worries About the Future of His Game

John Wooten is a football lifer. He entered the College Football Hall of Fame on Tuesday 56 years after he first played as a...

Exercise in a High-Tech World: How Much is Enough?

Sport, health and physical education, and exercise science professionals are commonly asked: “How much exercise training is enough? Are the benefits worth the cost...

Evaluate Mental Toughness in Your Athletes

In the quest for athletic success, coaches have long-valued mental toughness. In fact, research found that 82 percent of wrestling coaches rated mental toughness...

Can it Be True? Georgia College Discontinues its Athletic Teams

Spelman College in Atlanta is a historically black college and university for women only. It has a long and rich history as an academically...

How Coca-Cola Helped Make London 2012 the Most Sustainable Games of Modern Times

Worldwide Olympic Partner Coca-Cola knows more than most about the Olympic and Paralympics Games. After all, its association with the International Olympic Committee (IOC)...

In Cycling’s Grand Fraud, Armstrong Is Not Alone

So many shoes now have dropped on Lance Armstrong he has enough stock to open an Infamous Footwear store. The lies and threats that...

Exercise as Medicine

In a 2010 CNN interview, U.S. Air force retired Lt. Gen. Norman Seip said more than one in four U.S. military recruits were unfit...

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