Vijay Singh Cries Foul on the PGA Tour and Files Lawsuit over Deer Antler...

Vijay Singh sued the PGA Tour on May 8, a week after his doping case was dropped by the PGA Tour.  The suit claims...

Does Higher-Intensity Exercise Produce More Results?

Over time, running may produce greater weight loss than walking, especially in men and overweight women, according to research published in the official journal...

Scale Back Alabama a Success Story at the Academy

The seventh annual Scale Back Alabama contest—a 10-week competition that encourages Alabama citizens to lose weight and improve their overall health—recently came to an...

A Simple Way to Fight Childhood Obesity

The most recent edition of the journal, Pediatrics, reported the results of an interesting study that sought to examine obesity in first grade children...

Joe Weider Left a Legacy of Health and Fitness

Joe Weider was a pioneer in the business of bodybuilding. Weider developed a multi-million dollar fitness publishing empire, including such publications as Muscle and...

Put Down that Calcium Supplement and Read This!

A few years ago, a study suggested those taking moderate or large doses of vitamin E may be at greater risk of developing cardiovascular...

Sexual Performance Enhancer is Herbal Remedy Pistorius Defense Team Claim Was in Bedroom

The drugs allegedly found at the home of Oscar Pistorius by South African police following the death of Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine's Day could...

New Guidance Will Enhance Sports Opportunities for Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities have reason to celebrate as they gain some headway in their fight for better, health, and greater participation in school activities....

Deer Antler Spray Sold to Athletes by Alabama Gym Owners

Media outlets have been buzzing in the past few days with reports of athletes taking a compound called "deer antler velvet."  This product comes...

Qatar’s National Sport Day to Feature Weight Losing Competition

Qatar's National Sport Day, due to take place later this month, will feature the launch of a new, countrywide weight losing competition designed to...

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